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July's Waifu of The Month Poll!

Posted by Reit9 - July 8th, 2020


to start I have to say that I understand that this anime have more and maby better characters than the listed here, but remember that the characters for the poll are suggested by +$10 Patrons, not by me.

also, we have less characters than other times, I understand it, not everyone follow this anime and we have less options than in other themes

said that, let’s start with this new Poll to know our next waifu for this My Hero Academia Month!

become a Patreon to participate: https://patreon.com/posts/39116414



Comments (4)

question about pack : if i become a patreon now, do i get june's pack?

yes, when you becaome patreon you have to send me an email to claim your first reward

nice then

also, whats a r-coin? for requests?

coin system for rewards like images or packs
you can find all the details and rules in the pinned post of my patreon

@gharz @Reit9
ok, found it
its a bit complex but i got the gist of it
i think.

-say, for the june pack, i heard theres a gwenXben image in it but i don't see it on the pack's heading on your gumroad. is there really one in it?
-also, all the pack descriptions don't have the character listing that are contained in it? is this normal?
- and finally, may i ask what is the annual pack? does it contain all the packs of the year or is it only a grab bag of various images from that year?

sorry if i ask too many questions

don't worry I can answer them...

-each pack has more images that the shown in the cover, if you want to know what image does it have you can search on my websites which images was posted during that month
gwen was posted during june in young pack, so the image will be in june pack

-yes, it's normal, just because of what I told you before, the packs are of the images posted during that month (unless they are for the mix pack which is said in the same post)

-annual pack have a selection (made by patrons and me) of the best images of the year

well, when you are looking at the packs on your gumroad, its difficult to go back to your patreon and try to decipher what was posted then, especially when one has slower internet and it takes time for a page and individual posts to load.

just saying it would be user friendly for people on your gumroad to simply have to click on the pack's profile to see a textual list of the characters contained therein

anyway, thanks for all your clarifications, i subscribed for this month

it's easier to find them on my blog or my webpage, I can't post all my works on Patreon, Gumroad or other pages