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9th Anniversary

Posted by Reit9 - June 1st, 2020


I have to start with a very big THANKS to everyone who supported me during all this time

To all my Patrons and followers!

A day like today 9 years ago I started sharing my works on the internet and same month 6 years ago I opened my Patreon Page!

so let's celebrate!

we start the month with a huge new exclusive pack available on Gumroad Store

the Poke-Gijinka pack is already up 


with 77 HD images including 17 Gijinka Pokemons with Shiny and Nude forms!

you can buy it here:   https://gum.co/jsaAQ  

We also have updated emojis with the new version of Roxy for Discord 

what? you're not on discord? join us: https://discord.gg/YGUhtED

if you're a patreon link your account to discord to have special role and get access to secret channels 

New Rules

This is something that many people were waiting for...

I made a couple of polls during the last days to know the opinion on a very important feature of my Patreon: Monthly Theme Polls

Until now, the rules were simple, "you can give any idea to add in the poll but you can't give the same idea of the current month", that just to not repeat the same idea two months in a row, and it worked until now... but lately we had some ideas that are recurrent on my themes

That's why I decided to Ban ideas during one year after they win a poll, this mean that we can't have the same theme again during an entire year.

and now you might be thinking "your second poll said that most of Patrons wants just 6-months of Ban"

yes, but remember that I have access to the details of the polls and many of the people who voted on 6-months ban were the same who voted to not ban ideas at all in the first poll, so I guess those are the minority who still wants to repeat the same ideas as monthly theme as much as possible.

but don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'm not gonna draw same characters or anything like that, I just ban the themes, but same characters can show up on other related themes 

as example, Bubblegum Princess can show up on: Adventure time, Princesses, Pink Girls, Cartoon girls, etc... 

and not to mention that patrons with R-coins still can ask for any character and the same when I open commissions

so the new rules until now are:

  • Don't reapeat the ideas from the Ban list 
  • Only those who save the R-coins to buy a Theme can ask for Banned ideas (after this the theme will enter to cool down again from the begining)
  • If a theme is banned you can still ask for a derivated theme, as example: if we already had a "Pokemon" Theme, you can still ask for "Pokemon Gijinka" as a theme, or some character from "Pokemon" could appear on "Young" theme... etc...

all of this only for +$10 patrons ofcourse, because they are who can give ideas, for everyone else is the same until now.

and to finish I also gonna make some changes to the store for R-Coins

The biggest change will be the option to buy a monthly theme which now will include the option to choice 3 characters to be drawn for that month, for the same price!

and that's all.... for now...

thanks for all the amazing support all this time

I love you guys!


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Congratulations man on 9 years much love and support always.